Our toddler program is a year and a half and the child enters our Montessori Toddler classroom alongside 9-11 peers once he or she is walking steadily. Our program offers new experiences and opportunities for them to explore themselves in a language-rich environment that supports their need to hear as well as speak. The child learns the organic cues to satisfy hunger, relieve a full bladder, and recognize their emotions. Our goal is to ease them toward a state of independence where they can experience developmental opportunities and an active social life that is independent of their family.


In a period called the “work cycle”, the Montessori Toddler is provided two hours for personal exploration, where they choose their own activities, receive a presentation from a teacher, or participate in group activities. All activities that the children do, whether individual, in a group or with an adult, are called work. It is important to consider that all group activities are open to anyone interested in joining and are determined by the interest of the group. These activities are not scheduled but happen daily as the group needs them. Individual activities related to the Montessori material that the children could choose from are separated into different groups.


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