In the Montessori Pre-school, or “Casa”, program children ages 3-6 all share the same teacher for three years. This unique multi-age setting encourages children to learn from each other; the younger children getting a chance to look ahead and the older children having the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge. This program is designed to appeal to the younger children’s “sensitive periods”. Their sensitivities toward socialization, order, language, sound, and touch make it easier for them to become physically and mentally competent within our society and culture. In creating an environment that is stimulating and socially challenging, we teach children to respect and care for each other. A Montessori classroom allows children to develop to their fullest potential by cultivating their natural desire to learn.


The work encouraged in our Casa program is mainly geared toward enhancing the students’ early development of independence in 5 basic areas: Care of person, care of environment, care of plant and animals, dexterity, grace and courtesy. These activities help develop individual concentration, coordination, order and cleanliness. We also focus on sensorial activities using equipment that isolates defining qualities including colour, weight, shape, texture, smell etc. This makes them aware and educates on all their senses as well as provides them with a sound foundation for subsequent mathematical concepts. Our math materials are very concrete as the children learn concepts by using their hands and minds together.



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